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My voice, 

        YOUR style!

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Pronunciation: /vɒks/ 

Definition of vox in English: noun (Especially in music journalism) vocals; voice: his matinee-idol vox

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My voice, YOUR style!

Warmth. Sincerity. Luxury. All with an optimistic Zen vibe! A classically trained voice talent, with an ear for YOUR style - let me nourish your brand with my voice. 

I've been singing and voice coaching over 20 years, and have a very extensive range. Did I mention singing?? I perform jingles and cover tunes too. Take a listen, contact me for more information, and thanks so much for stopping by. Have a groovy day!

Awesome to work with you Catt. A true pro!                                                                   Catt did another great job, narrating songs and 

                         ~D.Wallace                                                                                                      stories in a way we know the kids will love! :)                                                                                                                                                                           ~K.Ollivier